Primo Starr – $he Look$ Like Money

Straight out of the heart of South Carolina, Primo Starr is coming your way. Primo Starr is poised to break into the mass music market and embodies the true representation of RAP, a Raw American Poet. With his original music and cleverly put together Southern style Primo Starr is set to be the next big thing coming out of S.C. Primo Starr poses an innovative new sound with his music; Primo’s sound is both raw and soulful, combined with his swagger, lyrics, hustle, and grind, his movement sets him apart from all other artist.

Primo Starr has skillfully interwoven hip-hop lyricism with his soulful R&B vibe. His unmatched talent for production and composition keeps his music fresh and keeps his fans coming back for more. This true backpack conscience but gangsta lyricist has a global sized voice and style that shows in his performances. Primo’s music hits the uncut realities that Hip-Hop tends to neglect and successfully fills a void for that specific market.

Primo Starr is RAP, a Raw American Poet. As a businessman, he’s become a positive figure in South Cak. Primo has set out to become an accomplished artist and performer, a fulfilling dream for him. To date, Primo Starr has collectively written over 100 songs. Primo Starr has become a local favorite through live performances and appearances throughout the South. He’s worked with several major industry artists and producers on and off the stage.

Primo Starr has a distinctly fresh sound, a Southern influenced slang with a syncopated lyrical delivery. He has a very versatile style of music, with content ranging from club bangers to politics, without neglecting the all important creative freestyle flow. Through his style you may see some musical influences by Rakim, Scarface, UGK, or even a little Outkast. However his market can range from young to old, Black to White, man to woman, and even culture to culture. His charismatic appeal broadens his market so there are no limitations to what type of audience he’s able to please. Primo Starr’s music has a universal appeal which displays his talents, superior lyrical abilities and soulful interpretation.

Primo Starr offers audiences a balanced blend of excitement, enlightenment, and entertainment with a live show that is guaranteed to keep people begging for more. His high-energy performance displays a chemistry that can be cultivated throughout the course of his eleven plus years of lyricism. Primo Starr’s infectious hooks create instant fans, while his lyrical delivery gains respect from the most skilled writers. Primo Starr continues to bring his retro-current flavor to hip hop while maintaining the consciousness that drew followers to Say Hello To My Life, his first single. For features, bookings and all business inquiries contact management at
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