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Hailing from Northern Virginia, Jeevz B fell in love with hip hop culture during his teenage years. It was during the ninth grade at Langley High School in McLean, VA when he turned to rap music as a means of expressing himself in order to boost his self confidence, something which he struggled with much throughout his childhood growing up in the town of Great Falls, VA. During his high school days, Jeevz would rap battle his peers, write his own rhymes and perform at talent shows and music festivals in the community. After graduating from high school, he decided to attend college to study business while continuing to rhyme as a hobby.
It wasn’t until after college when Jeevz started taking rap more seriously. Until then, he wanted to finish his education so he could have an accounting/finance career in order to fund his music. Jeevz graduated with an Economics Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012 and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting from George Mason University in 2016. All these years, he took the time to figure out his style while continuing to rhyme despite recording very little. After years of doing temp and contract work related to accounting/finance, Jeevz landed a full-time staff accountant role in the payments industry and realized he was getting old and that he should chase his rap dreams immediately before it’s too late. 
Ever since finishing school for good and working full time, Jeevz set up a recording studio in his home and released several freestyle tracks and the singles Destined to Shine, Love for the Game and Ask Jeevz, all three of which are featured off his debut album “Ask Jeevz”. He released music videos for all these three singles along with a few freestyle tracks. 

Jeevz identifies himself as a lyricist over Boombap/East Coast beats while not relying on trendy sub-genres such as Pop Rap, Trap Music or Mumble Rap. Also, he studies the history of hip hop music while educates his peers on the culture himself, hence feeling more connected with its roots and the old school and underground hip hop community as opposed to the mainstream artists. Also, he goes out to many old-school hip hop shows in the DMV and always strives to meet hip hop legends and connect with them. Jeevz believes he standouts in the hip hop world because of his Indian descent and somebody who paves homage to the older generation of hip hop artists and fans, something which isn’t common among most artists of his time and ethnicity.

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