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Spinstatz Creating Income For Djs During Pandemic!

One of the biggest hurdles as an artist is getting your music heard on a consistent basis at several different music venues. If this were an easy task there would be lots more successful artists in the music industry.

Imagine the IMPACT artists will have that are able to use this system to have their music played by several DJs, for WEEKS, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is exactly the edge that SpinStatz is providing.

During the current global pandemic Spinstatz continues to keep its doors open and create an opportunity for Djs to get paid and artist to get played. Structure and stability come to mind when you think of Spinstatz during this time since most Djs are not able to perform in clubs, lounges, and bars. The dynamic that artist can still connect with Djs during this time is a plus and more motivation for both Djs and music artists to sign up!

Sign Up for Spinstatz here:

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