Exclusive: Flii Boi Breeze – Get In Dea

Where are you from?
The 912! Brunswick Georgia

How old were you when you first got into music?
about 6-7 years old when i first heard bone thugs and harmony

5 Things that make you different from other music artist?

  1. Unlike today’s new artist I’m a student of the game i Studied the 5 core elements and respect the art form and pay homage to those before me you don’t see a-lot of that these days… too many egos
  2. I actually understand that the business is not just based on talent… marketing and Branding is key that’s where most artist fall short
  1. my work ethic is like none other just in the past 3 days I’ve spent 20+ hours in the studio either engineering producing or songwriting you got to keep working consistency is key!!!

4.i actually love music i don’t it for the money or the clout although those are bonuses its not my main motivation

  1. i actually structure my songs these days most artist just get in the booth and say the first thing that comes to mind which is cool but half the time it makes no sense and it just sounds good over the beat… me personally i take the time out to write most my records and stick to one concept… there’s a big difference between making a song and making a record! that gets misconstrued a-lot these days

Where have you performed?
Almost every state from here to Indiana to Texas from open mics to sxsw to headlining festivals I Had my first out of town show at age 16 in Jacksonville Florida at a birthday party. i been out here doing my thing for a while now…

What are your favorite and least favorite venues?
ill go where the good vibes are I’m not too pressed on none of the extra Hype…
ima a house nigga frfr in real life if I’m not booked to perform or its not a special occasion I’m in the crib workin on new material lol

Do you have any upcoming shows?
at the moment i have a few lined up to ride out the rest of the summer and a couple im planning to make happen in the fall corona willing

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
I Feel as tho it helped it but it hurt it at the same time it helps because being that social media is the way of the world now it made the need for a record label obsolete but it also watered down the game because now everybody wants to be a rapper and really can be with the right promo they think its easy when its really not

What is your favorite song to perform?
as of late Get In Dea has been the crowd favorite its a new sound compared to my usual go to performance records…

Which famous musicians do you admire?
man where do i start
like i stated early I’m a student of the game it all started with my pops all he used to play was old school hip hop and r&b so that’s where a-lot of my influence comes but being a 90s baby from the south of course i Looked up to all the southern greats from camouflage to pastor troy to Outkast to field mob to ugk to rap a-lot to cash money to no limit trick daddy etc. but outside southern rap i grew to like everything from dipset to ruff ryders to the doc to dj quik to twista to bone thugs to pac and big to everything in between I’m just an overall student of the game…

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
i caught a gun charge back in 2016 but i beat it on a technicality nothing too major but that’s another story for another interview lol

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
“in times of peace prepare for war”
I’m a firm believer in that 100000%
stay ready you don’t have to get ready!

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
the game ain’t the same no more the internet messed up the business side of things on so many level i don’t know a single dope boy who sells dope for free so why should producers give away their beats for free! the fact that the role of the producer is treated so unfairly don’t sit right with me being an artist as well as a producer i understand both sides of the game but i Never understood why the engineer gets paid upfront
the artist gets paid upfront
the owner of the studio gets paid upfront
but we producers have to just give our beats away that we spend countless hours working on and perfecting just for the hope that the artist/labels will keep their word and pay us once royalties come around we gotta eat just like y’all do bro
like for all that just keeping downloading youtube beats!!!

What’s next for you?
I’m pushing my newly released single get in dea its doing quite well right now i did 17k first week on spotify so I’m trying to keep the momentum going
2 weeks in I’m already a 27k trying to get it to 10000000000000 lol if it continues to do well I’m doing an ep based around it and then some so stay tuned!!!


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